IT Consultancy

Top Skilled Development As You Need It

At J2A we are able to provide you with IT consultancy services to add extra resource to your existing development team. This allows you to get your team focusing on other core areas whilst we can handle those parts of your development requirements that lend themselves to being worked on by an external team.

Our team has over 20 years’ experience working with global brands to help them effectively harness the power of their software and data solutions. We specialise in database design, development and administration, query optimization, high-performance, and low latency scalable database solutions.


Our core focus areas include:


SQL Development

Getting the most from your databases is crucial to having your applications at peak performance. At J2A, we understand the importance of the backend and can provide SQL development support for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases.

Please speak to us today if you require a consultant for your SQL development needs.


SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

Reporting is one area where we can offer you that additional support. Many of our clients have long-standing report requirements that they have not been able to accomplish in-house due to other pressing priorities. We have been able to provide such clients with the resources required to create these reports.

Contact us today for SSRS development.


PHP Development

We are able to provide you with PHP development resource for your PHP projects. We work with LAMP or WAMP (Linux or Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack technologies to code your web applications. We are able to assist in coding independent modules or alternatively, we can code onto your existing application.

Are you in need of PHP development resource? Contact us today.


.NET Development

If you require additional .NET development support then we are able to assist. Using Visual Basic or Visual C# we can program interoperable applications, embedded software, and a wide range of application management and modification services. We are also able to do legacy app modernisations and migrations to newer technologies.

Speak to one of our team about your .NET Development.


Web Technologies

We can also provide you with the development resource required to extend your web services, apps and other solutions using HTLM5, CSS, and Javascript. Using these (and other) technologies we can create responsive, adaptive designs that can work and look great on all screen sizes.

Contact us today about extending your Web Technology solutions.


Cloud Solutions

We are able you provide you with resources for using Cloud services such as AWS and Azure. Our consultants can assist with the creation, monitoring, and management of cloud services or guide you through the process of migrating from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

Get in touch today to discuss your Cloud Solutions needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do you maintain the security of my data?
  2. All our consultants must sign a contract and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which prohibits them from the misuse of any of our clients’ data. Added to this, we security vet our consultants as part of their recruitment.

    Ideally we work remotely on your test servers/databases and then your team reviews and deploys to your Live environment. In this way you would always maintain control of what gets rolled out.

  3. How do you charge?
  4. We charge either hourly or per project depending on your preference or the kind of work that is required. All work done for a client is recorded and a Statement of Work is provided which details what has been done.

  5. Who owns the work?
  6. The Intellectual Property belongs to you, the Client.

  7. How do you manage Conflict of Interest?
  8. Before undertaking any work, we ensure that the development we do for you will not create a Conflict of Interest with the products that we provide for other clients. If we deem that it will create such a situation, unfortunately we would have to decline such work. We will, however, inform you beforehand should this be the case.