J2A Electronic Point-of-Sale (ePOS)


What our customers say:

"It makes my life so much easier. It's really easy to use. Seems like it's always been a part of my life! The End of Day report is good to see what's sold."
- Marilyn, Golden Flakes Enterprises

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Here's Your New ePOS

J2A ePOS is an all-in-one solution for processing customer transactions in store. An electronic till that offers speed, flexibility, security, and efficiency to enhance the checkout experience for your business and your customers.


The latest in cloud-based technology gives you the flexibility to get real-time, live access to your till and back office from multiple locations and multiple devices. Your data is securely backed up and encrypted so you can rest at ease.

Decisions on real data

Have you ever had questions about your business but did not have the data to get the answers? The J2A ePOS helps you make data-driven decisions on how best to run your business (e.g. popular products, customer preferences, etc.)

Ideal for Wholesalers

Do you also sell your products wholesale? The J2A ePOS solution has a Wholesaler's module that can be added to allow you to seamlessly manage the wholesale and retail sides of your business.

Easy to use

A straightforward, user-friendly interface allows you to be up and running in record time. Our team provides one-to-one training to ensure you thoroughly understand how to use the system and we also provide remote support if required after you've been set up and trained.

Track Inventory

Know when your products need replenishing with easy to access stock reports and alerts.

User Access Management

Secure logins allowing users different access and rights to better safeguard and manage your data.

Hardware Options

Real-time Reporting

The J2A ePOS solution provides you with up-to-the-minute reporting within just a few clicks. You can always know how your business is performing with the ability to view real data in real-time. Our team is also always on hand to assess with customized reports if you need just that little bit more.

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